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Children, Young People and their Families sometimes need a little extra help for them to have happy, healthy and successful lives.

Team Around the Family can offer advice, help and support in pulling together the right people to help.


How it works

  • Someone, it could be you, has some concerns or worries about a child, young person or family
  • The Family, Child or Young Person is contacted and these concerns are discussed with them
  • Together we look at ways to help
  • A small number of people who we think can really help are asked to be part of a Team around the Family.
  • We work together with the Child, Young Person and Family to draw up a plan
  • ONE person will make sure the plan is followed


What sort of things can you get help with?

 Young people leaving home / running away

 Poor physical or emotional health

 Parenting stresses and problems

 Challenging behaviour at home

 A delay in  your child’s development

 Difficulties in the community

 Problems with relationships

 Drug and Alcohol misuse

 Problems in school

 Bullying

 Issues with housing

 Anti-social behaviour



As a rule the information which you and your family provide will only be shared with your agreement.  The TAF form gives you the opportunity to choose which agencies your information can be shared with although the more people we can involve the better the service is.

However there may be certain times when the people working with you need to share information without your agreement.

For example

  • To help a child who is at risk of harm
  • To help prevent or detect a serious crime


Contact details for Team Around the Family (TAF):


Tel: 01545 572649



Min Y Môr,

Gerddi Wellington Gardens,


Ceredigion, SA46 0BQ

TAF Coordinators:

North of the County – Mari Jefferis

Middle of the County – Nerys Jones

South of the County – Emma Jones

Disability Coordinator – Michelle James