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Ceredigion Museum Education Service

Ceredigion Museum

 Museum Visits

Ceredigion Museum offers FREE sessions suitable for all learners, and we will adjust the session to suit the needs of particular learners.  Every visit includes opportunities for students to research primary sources from the collection. These sessions include:

  • The hunter gatherer becomes a farmer – Imagine life as a Neolithic farmer
  • The Daily Life of an Iron Age Celt – Warmth, Food & Shelter on the hillforts of Ceredigion
  • A 19th Century Cottage in Ceredigion – Travel back through time and ask Mari about life in the cottage
  • Fashion in the 19th Century – Find out about the curious fashions from 150 years ago?
  • A Toy Family Tree – Explore the museum toy collection & build a ‘family tree’ of toys.
  • Getting About – No cars or aeroplanes!  A museum trail to search for bikes, ships, carts & steam trains
  • The World of film – Investigate the history of The Coliseum Super Cinema
  • Welsh Art and Artists – Investigate the paintings, prints and drawings in the museum collection

Museum Discovery Boxes

There are boxes of objects which may be borrowed for about two weeks. Their contents relate to items in the museum’s collection and subjects include:- Cooking, Lighting, Clothes, Washing, The Dairy/Farming, Second World War, Toys and the Romans in Ceredigion.

For more information, or to book a session or discovery box please contact

Ceredigion Museum
Terrace Road
SY23 2AQ

Tel: 01970 633088


Web-site: Ceredigion Museum

Remember to take a look at our website or pick up a printed programme to find out about special events, temporary exhibitions and competitions!