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Useful Information for Childminders

Tax Advice for Childminders

Below is a link to an E-learning package developed by the HMRC.  The package advises on the tax and National Insurance issues involved in starting a business as child minders.

The package can be completed in bite size pieces and covers subjects including:

    • Starting in Business
    • Registering your self employment
    • What records should I keep?
    • What can I claim against my Income?
    • Becoming an Employer

Tax Advice for Childminders


Food Safety

Food Standard Agency Wales  Their job is to improve food safety standards in Wales and ensure the public’s safety in relation to food.

Food Standard Agency (FSA) – Information for Cihldminders

Food safety is very important to childcarers, such as childminders, because children are a vulnerable group, which means they can be more seriously affected by food poisoning than adults.

FSA provides advice for registered childcarers on domestic premises, including childminders, providing a food service to those in their care

Safer food, better business for childminders

The Food Standards Agency has produced a ‘Safer food, better business’ (SFBB) pack especially for childminders. The pack gives simple, straightforward advice on food safety, including information on feeding babies and children, cooking, cleaning, chilling and looking after a child with a food allergy.

It is designed to help childminders:

  • make safer food
  • protect the health of the children they look after
  • comply with food hygiene regulations

Contact the FSA to order your copy of the ‘Safer food, better business’ by telephoning 0845 606 0667 or e-mail

Fire Safety in Houses or Flats used for Childminding

This Information Booklet  has been produced by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) with the intention of helping childminders make sure that their houses and flats are safe from fire and that they comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO)