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Antenatal Care

What is Antenatal Care?

The aim of antenatal care is to make sure that you and your baby are doing well and to spot any problems before they become serious. Most of your care will probably take place at the midwives’ clinic, at your GP’s surgery, or at home. Some women may be cared for at hospital with a specialist doctor called an obstetrician who looks after pregnant women. Most pregnant women have between seven and ten antenatal appointments, sometimes more if they need extra care and support. If you are working, you’re entitled to time off to attend antenatal appointments.

Why go to an Antenatal class?

They are a good way to meet other people who are about to become parents and many new mums and dads make lifelong friends there. Antenatal classes aim to prepare you and your partner or birth partner for what is to come. They cover all sorts of things that you may have questions about, like:

• What to expect in later pregnancy, including the early signs of labour

• What to expect during labour and birth and your pain relief options

• Relaxation and breathing techniques to help you cope with labour and birth

• Possible problems during labour and things like a caesarean section

• Exercises for before, during and after labour

• Birth plans

• Feeding and caring for your baby safely

• Life as a new parent

• What a new baby can do

• What a new baby needs

If these classes are not available in your area, antenatal information and education is available in many other formats. This may include sessions with your midwife, road shows, support groups or DVDs.

Most antenatal classes will be arranged by your midwife or through your local GP. To find your local GP follow the link 

Baby Let’s Move!

It’s important to stay active during pregnancy, Ceredigion Actif offer FREE exercise classes led by professionals to support you during your pregnancy.

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