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Tim Teulu

Contact Details

Phone: 01545 572649


Address: Min y Mor

Wellington Gardens



SA46 0BQ


‘Supporting and developing skills of families’

Who are Tîm Teulu

 Tîm Teulu are a team of six family support workers, a health visitor and social worker coordinated by a Family Support Manager.

  We work with families who require additional support using a holistic goal focussed approach  to develop and deliver one to one plans and group programmes to parents and young people that help to enhance the families’ skills, nurture positive relationships and aspirations and build resilience against emotional and /or financial poverty .


Are my family eligible for additional support?

 Ceredigion are implementing the Joint Assessment Family Framework or JAFF to consider your families needs.  All workers have training to assist them to understand how to use the tools as part of making a request for Team Around Family. This includes using the strengths and needs cards available here.


Strengths and Needs Cards

Completing the short Team Around Family summary available here might also assist you to decide if you need additional support.


Questionnaire for families.

We are also developing a summary for young people who are becoming independent. If you are a young person who needs support please talk to your teacher, or other trusted adult, in order to ask us to support you.


Questionnaire for young person 

If you are a young person, we may also use the following booklets to gather more information about your needs.


‘Me, Myself & I’ form.



Me & My World


How can I access Tîm Teulu support

You can share your summary with your health visitor, teacher, support worker or other agency worker, who will then complete a request for Team Around Family including Tîm Teulu with you.

All requests are made using this form:  ‘TAF Request’ form

  • Tîm Teulu will only accept requests that have been fully discussed and agreed by you and you have given informed consent to the sharing of your personal information with ourselves and our partner agencies.
  • Your family will be resident in Ceredigion.
  • You will have started to decide  what areas you would like support with in conjunction with the referrer and Team Around Family Coordinator 
  • If you are a young parent or have a child where a diagnosis of ADHD is being considered, please speak to your Midwife/Health Visitor or School Nurse, to request our support.


What happens once a request is accepted?

Within 5 days of accepting your request, we will write a letter to you and the referrer with the name and contact details of your allocated worker. Your allocated worker will then contact you within three working days of allocation to arrange a time for a visit.


Our initial visit

Your worker will then visit you at home (or arrange to meet in a neutral venue)   to find out more about what is happening and start to explore new ways to understand and manage the difficulties.  We will agree and sign a plan of work with you based on your goals.  The plan is time limited (up to six months) and focusses on achieving the goals you have identified in the first two visits. The plan needs to be specific and will include how the work will be undertaken, such as, focus of the visits, how often we will visit and any other expectations you might identify.


Our agreement

TT action plan

You can expect us to:

  • make an appointment to see you
  • visit at an agreed time and place
  • Keep in regular contact with you
  • Identify and assist in providing practical resources where needed such as transport or child care to get to a meeting.

We would expect you to:

  • attend the recommended programmes or meeting
  • Keep your appointments with us or give 48 hours notice of cancellation.
  • Complete any agreed tasks before the next visit.
  • Not be judgemental about the work or worker before you’ve tried it.

While some conversations or work may be challenging at times, please remember that, our aim is to help you to achieve your goals you have set out with us.


Your personal information – Our confidentiality policy

We will store all your personal information safely and will only share personal information in accordance with the Welsh Accord for Sharing Personal Information – Ceredigion Team Around Family Information Sharing Protocol. Hyperlink to ISP


How we all keep children safe – All Wales Child Protection Procedures.

If during the course of our work with you, we become aware of a safeguarding issue for you or your child we will explain to you that we will be implementing the All Wales Child Protection Procedures. While we will seek your consent to this, we will proceed without your consent if we consider there is a risk of harm to your child.

All Wales Child Protection Procedures


Which parenting programmes do Tîm Teulu use.

We use the following research evaluated and accredited programmes to guide our work:

 The Webster Stratton Incredible Years programmes use video examples, observation and discussion to assist in improving parent child interactions, building positive parent – child relationships and attachment and increasing parental social support and problem solving . The length of programmes are between eight and twelve weeks depending on the age of your child.

The Living with Teenagers programme delivered by Tîm Teulu is for any parent or carer of a young person between the ages of nine and 15 years who is interested in supporting their young person’s development. The focus is on improving young people’s behaviour and parents’ wellbeing.  Most parents attend a one day workshop where they learn how to increase their own self-confidence, effectively communicate with their teenager and manage issues involving sex, drugs and alcohol. It can also be delivered as eight weekly individual sessions.

Tîm Teulu also deliver the Strengthening Families is a more intensive seven-session programme (two and a half hours per week),which includes both  parent and child .Parents and young people  meet separately for the first hour and spend the second hour together in family activities. It is focussed on building upon strengths within the family and reducing family related risk factors for adolescent problem behaviour & substance misuse. It is designed to promote increased parental monitoring and encourages parents to take a proactive role in discussing risks with their children.  Due to the intensive resource requirement this programme is not available as a bespoke individual programme. 

The Incredible Years and Living with Teenagers programmes have been adapted for delivery on a one to one basis.


One to one /mentoring for young people  

We can provide one to one support to young people from 8 -15 to assist the young person  to understand their behaviour or find strategies that will help them to manage relationships at home school or in the community. We use a strengths based approach that helps a young person build on the strengths they have already.  This can include using a structured programme such as the Unearthing box ( to help identify this or using the Strengths and Difficulties tool or Me Myself and I already mentioned.

We use Our Deal – link, to agree the plan of work together including how often and where we will meet. 

Each intervention is individually tailored to the young persons needs with a focus on enabling the young person to develop their own strategies to get on at home and school and to stay safe.


Work with young parents.

We have a worker located within Tîm Teulu who offers a wide range of support tailored to the needs of young parents (under 25) through one to one, outreach and group work. Support includes parenting support and advice ( 1:1 in the home or in groups) ,relationship support and advice, assisting with access to opportunities for personal development, education training and employment, access to information and advice with benefits ,housing and health, helping young parents and their children to become part of their communities , build on their support networks and reduce isolation . If you would like more information please visit the Ceredigion Young Parents’ Facebook page or speak to your health professional.


Evaluation tools

When we start our work with you, we may use the following tools:

We also ask you to complete these again at the end of our work together. These tools help us to identify and measure what is happening for you and your family and help us to evidence the progress you make. We do not use them to compare you with others or share the content with anyone.


How long do we work with you

We expect to work with you for between three to six months with weekly or fortnightly sessions. The following timetable gives an example of a bespoke parenting intervention.

  Request received which identifies current issues and parental strategies. Identify obstacles that may prevent positive outcome. Identify family strengths that can be built on.
  Named worker identified for delivery.  Allocation. Date for meeting agreed with key worker if relevant.
One Initial meeting with family support worker and parents. Identify areas for work. Agreement for work – aim /type of programme/ times, dates venues.
two Introduction of agreed programme identify areas of positive relationship; such as listening, praise and spending quality time together.
Three Focus on developing areas of positive relationships; relevant to parental requirements – parent encouraged to undertake strategies outside of sessions.
Four Work directly with parents. Use agreed programme to continue development of positive parenting strategies.
Five Work directly with parents –Use agreed programme to continue development of positive parenting strategies   Encourage activities that provide opportunities for practical skills to be demonstrated.
Six Work directly with parents. Use agreed programme to continue development of positive parenting strategies. Encourage activities that provide opportunities for practical skills to be demonstrated. Formally review progress with parent.
Seven    Focus on developing family interaction between parent and child with emphasis on areas that require further strengthening. Use agreed programme to continue development of positive parenting strategies.   Encourage activities that provide opportunities for practical skills to be demonstrated.
eight  As above.  Assist parents to identify and manage other areas for intervention – school attendance, routines.  Encourage communication with school or other agency. 
nine As above.
Ten  Parenting report completed including parent response to review , TOPSE/Brief questionnaire Review progress  – highlighting successful strategies/ interactions –for continued implementation.

Review and ending 

We work through your plan and expect that there will be some positive changes for you and your family within three to six months.  When we have been working together for a few months (six to eight sessions) we will have a meeting to review how the plan is working and if we need to change anything.

 When we come to an end of our work together, we would expect to be able to signpost you to other services if needed for continued support to sustain the changes you have made.  We will also ask for your views about how the work has progressed so that we can evaluate and improve our service.


Children in Wales

Children in Wales has launched a set of poverty animations with the voices of children and young people from across the UK.  Animations have been created on the following themes:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Housing

To view these animations please click on the following link Children in Wales

What to do if you are unhappy with our service

If you have any compliments or complaints about our work, please tell us as soon as possible so that we can try and put things right.  If a difficulty continues and you would like to speak to someone who is not directly involved with our service then please contact the Complaints Officer at or, in writing to: Complaints Officer for Ceredigion Children & Families, Social Services Department, Minaeron, Aberaeron, SA46 0DY.