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School Councils

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School Councils

All primary, secondary and special schools in Wales are required to have a school council which meets minimal requirements, as set out in the School Councils Wales Regulations.

How can I get involved in my school council?

You can get involved in your school council by standing for election. Everyone in your school should have the chance to stand for election if they wish. If you don’t get elected onto the council, you can still take part in decisions, by making sure that your representative makes a note of your opinions, and that these are discussed by the school council. Your representative will then let you know what the council decided. Some school councils have sub-committees or other action groups which are linked to the council, and you may be able to be involved in one of these. Examples of these are Eco-committees, School Nutrition Action Groups (SNAG), and Peer Mentors. However you want to be involved, you should have the chance to do so!

What kind of things can the school council do, and what difference can it make?

The school council can discuss anything which is of concern to you and which you think could make school a better place. This could be things about the school environment (e.g. the state of the toilets, less litter around the school), changes in policies (e.g. school uniform, the anti-bullying policy), or anything which affects the quality of your education at school (e.g. sport equipment, different ways of teaching and learning).

Pupils tell us that the school council can make a real difference, because pupils experience better facilities as a result of issues brought to the school council, but also because young people feel valued and listened to.