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Funded 3 year old Education


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The Welsh Government has made a commitment to furthering early year’s education in Wales. The Council has an obligation to offer every 3 year old child in Ceredigion a free part-time place in an education establishment or in an approved setting the term following their third birthday. This means that every three year old can receive 10 hours of free education per week (Term Time)

*Qualifying dates for children aged 3 to obtain a place:

If your child is 3 years old between: Your child may be accepted during:
1 April and 31 August (inclusive) The Autumn Term
1 September and 31 December (inclusive) The Spring Term
1 January and 31 March The Summer Term

This provision can be offered through a nursery class in a local authority school or through a registered Cylch Meithrin or Playgroup.  To find out more about this contact the Education Department on 01970 633601 or e-mail or speak to the leader of the setting.

Please note that the funding will be paid directly to the setting.  Please be aware that this funding may not cover the usual charge of the setting, therefore you may still incur a charge. Please speak to individual settings to discuss this in more detail.

Registered Education Providers in Ceredigion

Follow this link to view Ceredigion’s registered 3 year old Education Providers.

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What about full-time childcare?

Ceredigion Family Information Service (FIS) provide information on childcare provision in your area, including wrap around care. Many families need more childcare to fit around the part time hours available at Nursery. To meet this need you could employ a childminder or nanny for this purpose.

What is wrap around?

This is childcare for 3 and 4 year olds that ‘wraps around’ the early years education session to offer parents extended childcare. The wrap around care is usually offered by playgroups, Cylchoedd Meithrin or day nurseries.

For further information on Early Years Provision in Ceredigion, please contact Ceredigion Family Information Service (FIS) on 01545 574187 or email


All childcare provision providing the free 3 year old education along with nursery classes are all inspected by Estyn.  It is independent of, but funded by, the National Assembly for Wales.

As part of its role, Estyn is responsible for:

• training and registering nursery education inspectors
• monitoring the quality of inspections and inspection reports
• taking a second look at any setting which someone else says is well below the required standard of education

Estyn’s Chief Inspector has to keep the Welsh Government informed about:
• the quality and standard of nursery education
• the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children who are in nursery education.