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English as an Additional Language

Cultural Competence in Family Support: A Toolkit for working with Black, Minority Ethnic and Faith Families, Family and Parenting Institute: This guide provides a range of practical tools for supporting black, minority ethnic and faith families. It includes in-depth factsheets on the major religions and guidelines on communication, working with clients, and discrimination.

Parenting in asylum, refugee and migrant families – Children inWales has developed a website which contains a comprehensive range of online and downloadable resources, some of them multi-lingual, to underpin the work on the care and protection of children in asylum, refugee and migrant families.

BBC – Learning English This is a service for older pupils and adults.  The lessons and themes are very topical and news items etc. are produced in a number of different languages.   

Mantralingua – Bilingual books, CD-ROMs, Multilingual poster and accompanying material available.


English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)