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Community Focused Schools

Schools play an important and pivotal role in the community. Schools not only provide education for pupils and create a community spirit amongst parents, but they also have the opportunity and often the facilities to reach out to the whole community.

What is a community focused school?
A community focused school is one that provides a range of services and activities, often beyond the school day, to help meet the needs of its pupils, their families and the wider community.

Across Ceredigion many schools already provide some community services including adult education, study support, ICT facilities and community sports programmes. There is however no blueprint for the types of activities that schools can provide, or how they might be organised. Working with local partners, schools can develop as little or as much provision as they think suitable for their own community.

Dysgu Bro provide learning opportunities for the people of Ceredigion in their community which will encourage them to develop new interests, work towards gaining a qualification or improve their skills for the workplace.  For more information about the type of courses available and where please visit the website.