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 14-19 Learning Pathways

Elen James
Canolfan Rheidol
Rhodfa Padarn
SY23 3UE

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14-19 Learning Pathways – Broadening Horizons

The aim of the 14-19 Learning Pathways policy is to transform the provision and support for learners, improve levels of achievement and attainment, prepare young people for jobs which require high-level skills or higher education and enable young people in Wales to compete in Europe and beyond in the twenty first century.

We -

  • Ensure that secondary schools maintain high standards and levels of achievement whilst promoting inclusion.
  • Ensure that schools meet the needs of pupils, the wider community and the economy.
  • Provide training and support for secondary schools in the County, assisting them to meet the statutory requirements of the 2009 Measure.

We also ensure support for learners - 

14 – 19 Learning Coach Service – A service available to ALL

Every secondary school and further education establishment is required to ensure that the Learning Coach Service is available to provide guidance, to coach and mentor young people to plan their individual learning path, to making wise decisions, to set objectives and become independent learners.  The service can be prepared and presented by individuals or groups of adults, depending on the needs of the young person or persons.

Personal Support (Counselling) – EVERYBODY has access to the support

The Learning and Skills Measure (Wales) 2009 requires schools, under the guidance of the County Council, and further education establishments to ensure that young people can access the personal support services available.  These services can help young people to find solutions and overcome situations in their personal lives which prevent them from learning and achieving their potential.

Personal support will be given by the Counsellor visiting the setting, in response to certain events in the young person’s life.  Any learner may request to see the Counsellor or the setting may refer a learner to the Counsellor (with their permission).  The service offered is strictly confidential.

The 14-19 year olds can also receive personal support through their school or their institution’s pastoral support services.  Those offering the support will be aware of the services available locally through the youth support services and will be able to refer them on to specialist services as required.

Language of service delivered: Bilingual