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Looking for Childcare in Ceredigion


 Information for Parents 


Choosing Childcare

Choosing childcare in a huge step for any family. There are a number of different childcare options in Ceredigion to choose from.  Over the years, your family may use a range of childcare services, as they grow they will have different needs and your employment commitments may also change.

The Ceredigion Family Information Service offers free advice and information on a wide range of childcare options to parents and carers, prospective or existing childcare providers and professionals in related services including health visitors, social workers and benefits advisors.

Click here to launch the Ceredigion Family Information Service Childcare Search Facility


If you are unable to find information on childcare in your area, please contact the Ceredigion Family Information Service on 01545 574187 or email for further information. Also, if you have a free couple of minutes, could you fill in our evaluation form on Childcare provision in Ceredigion? Thank you. Click here. 

When should you start thinking about Looking for childcare in Ceredigion?

  • The sooner you find out about what is available, and how it will fit into your working life, the better. Remember you’ll need to make visits and there may be waiting lists, so start looking as soon as you can!
  • Start by making a list of your top priorities, including your working hours and patterns, how much you can afford to pay and check out any extra financial help you may be entitled to (see ‘Help with Childcare Costs‘)
  • You may want to think about location, your long-term plans, and what will suit your personality and parenting style.
  • Remember to consider your child’s needs as well. Their age and developmental stage is crucial and should play a part in your choice. Your child needs to feel as confident as you do in your choice of care.

If you would like childcare provision in any of our neighbouring counties please contact the Family Information Service for that Local Authority area.  Here are the contact details:


Carmarthenshire’s Family Information Service

Telephone: 01267 224224


Pembrokeshire’s Family Information Service

Telephone: 01437 763344


Powys Family Information Service

Telephone: 0300 111 0234

Childcare Regulations

Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) has responsibility for the registration and inspection of all types of day care settings for children under 8yrs of age. These services include childminders, playgroups, creches, day nurseries, out of school clubs and holiday playschemes. Providers must be registered if they operate for more than 2 hours in one day or for more than 6 days in any one year. CSSIW decide who can provide services, inspect and make sure that the minimum standards are met and deal with complaints. For more information about policies and regulations:


As a parent/carer looking for childcare it is often useful to look at the providers CSSIW inspection reports.  To Access the latest reports please click on the following link CSSIW Childcare Inspection Reports

CSSIW regulate early years and social care Services in Wales.  As part of the regulation they inspect the Services, findings are published in an inspection report.  You can search the directory by:

  •  The type of service
  • The area in which the service is provided – either for a specific post code, for a CSSIW region or by Local Authority area
  • You can also search for information on a specific service if you know its name

Inspection reports for childminders, children’s homes and residential family centres are not made available on the website.  To access a childminders report you will need to ask the childminder themselves for a copy of their latest report or you can contact your nearest CSSIW office.

Your nearest CSSIW Office is:

Government Buildings
Picton Terrace
SA31 3BT

Tel: 0300 062 2092

A useful guide produced by the Welsh Government is available here for parents and carers – Useful Contacts