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Inclusion in Childcare Settings

Inclusion and Mudiad Meithrin

Mudiad Meithrin’s aim is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to benefit from quality early years experiences and activities in the local community.

Mudiad Meithrin is committed to the principle of inclusion. The Mudiad believes that each child, no matter what his/her needs, benefits from the experiences in cylchoedd meithrin and other provisions. Therefore, the Mudiad welcomes children with additional needs to all its provisions.

In order to identify any additional needs and to ensure early intervention, one member of staff in each provision is responsible for ensuring that the needs of the children are met. These individuals work closely with their local Referral Scheme Coordinators.




Inclusion in Childcare Settings


Ymuno Scheme

What is YMUNO?

The Ceredigion YMUNO Scheme aims to:

  • Support registered settings so that all children and young people can attend after school clubs, holiday clubs or open access play sessions regardless of any additional needs they may have;
  • Help these settings to provide more staff to support children and young people with additional needs;
  • This can help the parents/carers of these children to go to work, education or training.