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Clynfyw Care Farm’s new social club—‘A fun, caring place with friendly people.’

Clynfyw Care Farm, near Boncath, supports a wide range of vulnerable people through fun, learning and meaningful engagement. The Tuesday evening social club is a new venture which will run every week and has been made possible with support of the Country Landowner’s Association for.

Tristan Butterworth, Club Co-coordinator added, ‘We plan to offer transport helping people to get here, and there will be lots of fun, games, arts projects, karaoke, poetry and much more. The options are endless, but really it depends on what people want to do. If you’d like more information or to tell us how what we should do, please get in touch and let us know.’

‘We are really excited about our new social club,’ said Peter Latter, Club Coordinator. ‘I went to the Gateway Club in Cardigan for twenty eight years and was devastated when it closed in April. I am sure our new club will have a lot to offer and many people will benefit from it.’

For more information, please contact Clynfyw on 01239841236

Contact : Jim Bowen
Clynfyw Care Farm,



SA37 0HF

Telephone: 07980-290522

Clynfyw Tuesday Night Social Club-2014