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Ceredigion Short Breaks Service

What can a Short Break offer me or my child?

We want your child or young person with disabilities to :

  • *Take part in safe and interesting activities that grow and change with them
  • *Have the opportunity to be with friends or make new ones
  • *Have more choices so they can take part in the activities they want to
  • *Achieve personal goals whatever these may be
  • *Feel included and part of a group, team or the local community
  • *Develop feelings of independence and confidence
  • *Learn new skills, develop new interests and test their creativity

We want to help you to:

  • *Take a Short Break from caring reducing feelings of stress and allowing “you” time
  • *Feel confident that your child is having a positive experience with carers who understand your child’s needs
  • *Choose from a range of services and activities for your child
  • *Spend time with your other children and give them a break too
  • *Feel confident that Short Breaks are a key part of the available support services
  • *Spend time together as a family
  • *Access an appropriate Short Break for your family’s needs whatever they may be
  • *Encourage your child’s feelings of independence preparing them for transition

 For more information please take a look at the 2012 Ceredigion Short Breaks Statement

                                           Short Break Statement 2012