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Local Autism Strategic Action plan

ASD Update 2012                                                                                              

We have continued to progress with our local Autism Strategic Action plan. We have improved our database and have gathered useful information, such as how many people we have living in Ceredigion on the autism spectrum.  Currently we have 78 children on the spectrum and 7 in the assessment process. We are working better across and with other services (e.g. CAMHS, adult services, schools and voluntary services) and we have provided a range of autism specific training for staff, parents and children and young people themselves. Our diagnostic pathway has been revisited and is now clearer and in line with national guidelines. The work is however never done! This year we plan to consider “how autism friendly is our short break provision?”, and does it meet the needs of the users? We also want to keep a track on the transition of children to adult services. Good news! We have just heard that the Welsh Government will provide (for one more year) £40k to each local authority to help to maintain the autism specific infra structure that we have been building on over the past 3 years. If you want to know more about the local Autism Strategic Action plan please contact:

 Sian Ffrancon Campion at Tim Plant Anabl