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Divorce and Separation

  Action for Children
Children and Family Court Advisory and Support (Cafcass)



 Child Maintenance Options is a free service that provides impartial information and

support to help separated parents make decisions about their child maintenance arrangements



Sorting out separation. Helping you deal with relationship break-down.


Advice now-  Advicenow provides clear, step-by-step, user-friendly practical guides, and ‘top picks’ from the rest of the web, to help you manage life’s legal problems. Here’s a useful guidance on sorting out arrangements for your children following separation or divorce.


One Plus OneCouple-Connection is a website where parents can find out how to manage their relationship effectively. The site is designed to help couples work through changes in their relationship together through the use of self-assessment tools, blogs and forums.


The Listening Room is a free live chat service also provided by One Plus One, which offers one-to-one support to anyone needing somewhere to offload concerns they might have about their relationship. The service has a team of ‘helpers’ who are trained counsellors on-hand to listen and act as a sounding board and help people to find solutions to their relationship problems themselves. It is not a counselling session or mediation service.


Splitting Up? Put Kids First are webpages provided by One Plus One which aim to help parents work out arrangements for their children as early into a break-up as possible.


Don’t let baby tears tear you apart: Top tips and relationship advice for new parents is available to download free from the One Plus One website. It provides offers practical advice for parents on how best to cope with a crying baby


Relate also offers advice, relationship counselling, sex therapy, workshops, mediation, consultations and support face-to-face, by phone and through their website


Separated Parents Information Programme is a guide for parents which provides information on the process of separation, how it can affect children and ideas for supporting children through it to minimise the negative impact on them


The Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships has put together a short guide which is intended to help parents who are in the process of separation consider the needs of their children


Citizen’s Advice Beaurau – 

Pinnington Law - The Non Lawyers Guide to Legal Terms. 

Jordan Publishing – Family Law Resources Online