Ceredigion Youth Service – A proposal for mobile youth provision in Ceredigion

A proposal for Mobile Youth Provision for Ceredigion

Ceredigion youth service has identified, through consultations with 100 young people and community groups, along with the experiences gained over the past few years of engaging with communities, there is a need to promote a more detached and proactive service to the young people of Ceredigion. Ceredigion is a rural county, with diverse barriers and issues affecting young people, that will differ considerably to other areas of Wales. Many rural communities do not have opportunities to access provisions in neighbouring towns.

The main findings from the consultations were:

 32% of responses stated that transport and getting places was a problem

 22% stated that there were no opportunities in more rural areas

 30% stated that there’s a lack of ‘good’ facilities and ways to access them

 48% stated that they would like to see more opportunities for young people


(Note: some responses were individual, with some representing a group/ club/ organisation. Questions were not multiple choice, they were open for individual responses. Breakdown of responses can be found in the appendices section).


Attached to this pack, is a case study of a Mobile Youth Provision based in the Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service. The Vale’s ‘VPod’ is used to engage with young people in various communities, including populated towns and rural villages. It is used in partnership with many various services and organisations such as the Police, Youth Justice and Prevention Service, Social Services, Schools, Housing, Voluntary Groups and so forth. It is seen to be an effective method in tackling social exclusion, anti-social behaviour, sub-stance misuse and isolation to name a few. It also encourages all members of the commu-nity to engage in e.g. educative programmes, social activities, training and employment workshops and mentoring support.

Ceredigion Youth Service intends to work in close partnership with Ystwyth Transport to bid for Big Lottery funding to implement this unique and robust provision for Ceredigion. We wish to work closely with all services, groups and organisations across Ceredigion who work with young people to increase opportunities for them to access a positive facility and to alleviate barriers such as transport, access and rural isolation.

Information to Stakeholders and Partners

What is the aim of this project?

The aim is to provide opportunities for disengaged and hard-to-reach young people who may be rurally isolated or have poor access to services, and to bring communities together and empower people through positive experiences, that will improve their personal, social and emotional development.

What do we plan to do with the funding?  We will purchase a service bus which will be customised to include facilities and equipment to provide an interactive and educational experience for people of all ages, living in both rural and town areas. Examples of resources and equipment to be included in the vehicle are an interactive ICT suite with built in MacBook’s and iPad’s, a music station, a relaxing/ confidential area at the rear of the bus for advice and counselling services, a games console area, an external canopy for activities to be undertaken outside such as bush craft, sport, cooking and so on.

How will this project be delivered?

The vehicle can be booked in advance to attend monthly, quarterly or annual events. It can also be used on a weekly basis at various locations across the county to promote projects, campaigns, and activities and tackle current issues such as anti-social behaviour, health and wellbeing, sub-stance misuse, isolation, family relationships, social exclusion, young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET), eco-environmental and community education. This would be a unique, robust and ambitious resource as there is currently no service or facility that can offer this opportunity for engaging with the diverse communities here in Ceredigion.

Can you help strengthen this bid?

If you think this project would be a worthwhile provision for Ceredigion, can we ask you kindly to provide us with a letter of support which will explain:

- How this project will benefit your community and develop your user groups?

- What you think about the project and how it can support the work you do?

- How you could support this project to benefit young people and communities?

If you require further information please feel free to contact and / or return your letters of support should you wish, to—

Ceredigion Youth Service, Professional Education Centre, Theatr Felinfach Campus, Dyffryn Aer-on, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 8AF. Email: gethin.jones@ceredigion.gov.uk Tel:01545 572352