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Ceredigion Parents and Carers Forum

The all Wales forum of Parents and Carers of People with Learning Disabilities


Our history

The All Wales Forum was set up by a group of parent carers in Wales concerned that the way services for people with learning difficulties (LD) were run, were outdated and discriminatory.  One of the founders’ first priorities was to work with other service providers to lobby for change. This resulted in a national policy document approved in 1983 called the All Wales Strategy. Buoyed on by this success, the parent carers formed a steering group to drive forward change for people with LD and provide peer support for carers. Other smaller groups of carers also formed across Wales, wanting to see similar change for people with LD in their own communities. Out of this came an agreement that these local steering groups would be more effective if they worked together for change and AWF was established as a charity in 1998. 

Today, AWF’s core mission is to bring a national voice and recognition to parents and carers of children and adults living with LD in Wales and we work through an alliance of 26 parent carer networks across Wales. We also work in partnership with a number of voluntary organisations including Mencap Cyrmu, All Wales People First, Learning Disability Wales and many more.

AWF is unique among learning disability organisations in that it is the only organisation that represents solely the views of parents and carers of people with learning disabilities across Wales. Although there are other umbrella bodies working in the LD area, AWF remains the only organisation that is run by parents and carers working together at both local and national levels seeking to ensure that families are at the heart of planning and consultation. This provides us with a strong credible base which ensures that families and parent carers are heard and respected at both local and national levels, helping them to shape their communities and services.

The principal activities of the AWF are to secure support and relief for, and to promote the interests of, people disadvantaged by Learning Disabilities, by enabling their parents and informal carers to promote and increase public awareness of

the rights of people with Learning Disablities:

- to be treated as individuals

- to live ordinary patterns of life in the community

- to receive additional help and support in developing their maximum potential

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Contact: Mandy Wilcox (Ceredigion Development Officer)
Phone:07375 404158

Any important information or event details that would be of interest to the local Ceredigion forum members so the AWF can ensure they are made aware, then please contact Mandy .

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